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Our Department

Established in 2005, Industrial Engineering and Management at Peking University is an important component of college of Technology. IEM at Peking will be the world’s leader in expanding and promoting the industrial engineering and management science theory and technology. Its mission is the creation, assimilation, integration, and dissemination of knowledge and issues involving project management, system optimization and so on during China's economic development and social transition since the beginning of the construction. As witness to our continued research, over the past six years, , Industrial Engineering and Management has achieved rapid development in system optimization, intelligent control, system simulation, planning and scheduling, quality management and so on. Our faculty is prolific in undertaking a number of national natural Science Foundation, 863 (National High Technology Research and Development Program), local government research projects and a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises. At the same time, our faculty has made its contribution to the scholarly and pedagogical literature of various including a large number of high levels of academic papers having been published in domestic and international core journals such as management science and engineering, intelligent control and so on.

A large, talented, and experienced faculty is IEM’s greatest resource. The faculty’s broad range with industrial engineering and management produces some of the best teaching and most innovative fields of research. The entire department owns a total of 12 full-time teachers, including  one "Changjiang Scholar”, 6 professors, 5 adjunct professor, 3 Distinguished Research Fellows. More high-quality scientific research personnel will be employed to reshape the current research team. Students have been attracted to our academic program by one level, which is the graduate level. At this level, the master level and Ph.D. level have been set up, which focus on the management science and engineering, and control theory and control engineering, project management. Professional research covers operations research, management science, intelligent control, operations management, quality and reliability analysis, intelligent robots, and risk management. IEM at Peking seeks to develop high potential students with a solid theoretical foundation, strength research ability.
The department of Industrial Engineering and Management has established a good cooperation with famous universities in the United States, Europe and other countries. Moreover, a close interface among industrial, problems and methodologies has been facilitated with the corporation with Schneider, China salt and many other well-known enterprises, which provides a solid foundation for research, personnel training and latent transformation. China's current modernization brings an unprecedented opportunity to the development of industrial engineering and management. In short, as practitioners and researchers in IEM, we consider ourselves to be technical problems solvers involving lean product and management, quality and reliability analysis, optimization of complex systems, drug information and project management, intelligent control theory and engineering, innovation theory and innovation management. Unlike the IEM discipline in other school, we address the promotion of the comprehension character of integrating the science, humanities and social science at Peking University. Specifically, IEM seeks to

1.      Cultivate the outstanding students with the capacity of problem solving and sophistication with knowledge

2.       Enhance the overall reputation of IEM at Peking University

3.       Providing selected research and services to industry and government which meet their specific needs.