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[5/31]Invariance and Conservation in System Analysis and Control

TopicInvariance and Conservation in System Analysis and Control

ReporterDr. Wei-Min Lu

Time3:00-4:50 pm


As man-made systems with well-defined objectives, control systems exhibit a lot of nice and useful characteristics of natural physical systems, such as invariance and conservation. Examples include such well-known control concepts as Bode integral, controllable invariance subspace, and zero-dynamics etc. In this talk, we will examine the invariance and conservation properties for an array of new control systems, such as decentralized optimal control, nonlinear L1 control, and nonlinear adaptive H∞ optimal control systems. We will present some of the new results and the methodologies to derive them by making use of those characteristics. In particular, we will illustrate how to characterize the invariance and conservation properties to simplify and streamline the originally complicated problems and the derivations of desired solutions. Such characterization not only provides new insights into these control problems, but also reveals some attractive computational properties that make the solutions usable particularly for nonlinear problems.