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Head of ISE, NUS gave a lecture on IE Education and Research


Professor Loon Ching TANG, head of Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore, gave us a speech in the afternoon of February 21th. He delivered a lecture entitled “Challenges in IE Education and Research: Global trends and how Asia should respond” in the Meeting Room of Founder Building 608. Part of the students and teachers attended his presentation.

Globalization has brought about unprecedented changes in the economic structure of developed countries. Particularly, lives have been transformed in the wake of major events around the world. As IE education and research are typically motivated by real world issues, there is a sweeping change from focusing on traditional IE methodologies to areas related to complex systems. For example, the aging population in developed countries and their rising healthcare costs resulted in the focus on healthcare systems research. This trend brings IE education and research unprecedented challenge, together with significant historical opportunity.

Prof. TANG

Prof. TANG introduced the development of ISE Department of NUS, which is of great significance as it provides an important reference for IME Department of PKU.  In this presentation, we also discussed some of the recent trends and highlight our recent reform to our IME curriculum.

In his presentation, Prof. TANG had a clear statement, illustrated his speech with cases drawn from the real world, and described them in vivid detail. This lecture attracted tense interest of the students present. Warm talk was followed after Prof .TANG finished his speech.