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The department of industrial engineering and management (IEM) is devoted to the combination the front-line theories in engineering and management science with China’s practice of industrial modernization, and emphasizing on the blend of technology and social science by taking advantage of the PKU’s comprehensiveness. Based on complex system, operations research and multi-agent theories, IEM focuses on research about:

•       Modeling and analysis of enterprise’s organization structure and operations mechanism

•       Scheduling, controlling and optimization of production

•       Management of supply chain and logistics

•       Drug information and engineering

•       Data mining and intelligent decision algorithms

IEM department widely collaborates with other universities and colleges and related research institutes in related research subjects, launches cooperation and training with enterprises, and undertakes major national research projects.

IEM department offers one PHD program (management science and engineering) with PHD in Management, two master programs (management science and engineering, control theory and control engineering) with Master degree in Management and Engineering respectively. Based on a broad survey of the experiences of building industrial department (IE) from national and foreign universities and the nation’s demand, IEM department proposes a teaching method of combining “industrial engineering research” and ”industrial application”, and focuses on the following three training areas:


1. Operations research (improving efficiency and reducing cost)

This area researches into the following subjects:

Production system and information systemin manufacturing;

Modern theories of process management methods and techniques;

System process control and optimization;

Production scene management, modeling, analysis and optimization;

Planning and integration of production system;

Engineering economics and value analysis techniques;

Production planning, controlling and scheduling



Leyuan Shi

Jian Cai

Zhe Liang

Xiaoyun Xu


2. Medicine and healthcare engineering (improving quality and reliability)

This area researches into the quality control and reliability of healthcare system and medicine system engineering.



Xi Zhang

Qiang Zheng


3. Intelligent system engineering (interdisciplinary innovation)

This area researches into the design of biomimetic robots, multi-robot cooperative control and bionic promote theoretical



Long Wang

Tianguang Chu

Jiandong Wang

Qining Wang

Guangming Xie