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9月23日工业工程与管理系--Evolutionary dynamics in social economical systems

题目:Evolutionary dynamics in social economical systems


报告人:Gao Jia 教授

Center for Complex Systems, Department of Automatic Control Engineering, Xidian University

主持人:王龙 教授

时 间:923日(周三)下午2:30

地 点:湍流实验室会议室



Public goods game has been applied as a standard paradigm for the study of cooperation in social economical systems. In most previous studies of public goods game, individuals customarily donate their contributions averagely to games they participate in. We develop an extended public goods game model, in which individuals distribute their contributions based on the groups' qualities. Typically, individuals shall invest the higher fraction of its contribution to the groups of the superior qualities, representing individuals' trait that they prefer better environments but expel nasty ones. The quality of a group is positively correlated with its cooperation level in previous generation. Numerical simulations show that the system with high-quality preference mechanism can greatly improve cooperation, compared with usual averagely donate system. Investigation of wealth distribution reveals the fraction of the wealth cooperators possessed appreciate with the increase of preferential extent when cooperators constitute the same fraction of the population. Our work may offer some help to understanding the evolution of cooperation in realistic world.