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[2016-7-28]Magnesium promotes CGRP-mediated bone fracture healing in rats

主   办:材料科学与工程系
报告人:张翼锋 博士
时   间:7月28日(周四) 下午14:00
地   点:力学楼434会议室
主持人:郑玉峰 教授


Orthopaedic implants containing biodegradable magnesium have been used for fracture repair with considerable efficacy; however, the underlying mechanisms remain elusive. Here we show abundant new bone formed at peripheral cortical bone after intramedullary implantation of ultrapure magnesium in rat femur, accompanied by significant increase of neuronal calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP). The magnesium-induced osteogenesis is substantially reversed by surgical removal of the periosteum, capsaicin-denervation of sensory nerves, or in vivo knockdown of CGRP receptor encoding genes Calcrl or Ramp1; whereas significantly enhanced by their overexpression. In isolated rat dorsal root ganglion neurons, elevation of extracellular magnesium induces MagT1- and TRPM7-dependent magnesium-entry, intracellular ATP increase and terminal accumulation of synaptic vesicles. In isolated rat periosteum-derived stem cells (PDSCs), CGRP induces Calcrl- and Ramp1-dependent activation of CREB and ostexis, and thus enhances osteogenic differentiation of PDSCs. Furthermore, we have developed an innovative magnesium-containing intramedullary nail which facilitates femur-fracture repair in rats with ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis. Together, a previously undefined role of magnesium in promoting CGRP-mediated osteogenic differentiation is revealed, suggesting its therapeutic potentials in orthopaedics.

张翼峰博士为现任南京大学医学院运动医学与成人重建外科(鼓楼医院)助理研究员。在本科学习期间, 主修临床医学,其后在北京大学工学院修读硕士学位, 主攻有关纳米材料安全性研究工作。硕士毕业后赴香港中文大学医学院攻读博士学位,研究方向为骨科生物可降解材料——镁金属在骨质疏松骨折中的作用的研究,另外,研究工作还涉及到骨关节炎修复、肌腱韧带修复以及干细胞等研究方向。发表SCI文章多篇。