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[10/31]Writing and Publishing Research: From Selecting Research Topic to Journal Publication




Writing and Publishing Research:

From Selecting Research Topic to Journal Publication

报告人 Jatinder N. D. Gupta

Associate Dean for Graduate and Sponsored Programs

Eminent Scholar and Professor

College of Business Administration

The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Huntsville, Al 35899, USA



主持人: 许晓云   特聘研究员





This seminar will deal with writing and publishing refereed journal articles. Based on personal experiences as an author, reviewer, and member of editorial boards of several journals, this seminar offers suggestions to increase the chances of getting your article accepted for publication and being cited after its publication. It discusses such items as writing and communicating ideas clearly, succinctly and simply. It provides some guidelines to convince the editors and referees that the article is worthy of publication, making it easier for the reviewers to read the article, dealing with reviewers' comments and rejection, and doing the rewrite of the articles. It also provides some thoughts as to increase the article citations after it is published. Personal experiences will be freely


NOTE: This seminar is discusses some useful steps first designed to encourage advanced graduate students and faculty to start discussing ways to enhance the publication of their research in high quality journals. It is NOT designed to signify that the presenter knows more than its listeners. Its purpose is to start a dialog on doing

and publishing research. Therefore, an active participation is encouraged and will behighly appreciated.



Jatinder (Jeet) N. D. Gupta is currently the Associate Dean for Graduate and Sponsored Programs, Director of Integrated Enterprise Lab, Eminent Scholar of Management of Technology, Professor of Information Systems, Industrial and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama. In his career, He held several technical and managerial positions in industry and government including the US Postal Service and Energy Information Administration where he received the superior job performance award. He is a frequent keynote speaker at various international conferences. He has published over 250 papers in journals and proceedings such as: Journal of Scheduling, Journal of Logistics Information Management, Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Sciences, Electronic Commerce Research, International Journal of Information Management, Supply Chain Management, Production and Operations Management, International Journal of Production Research, IIE Transactions, Operations Research, Mathematics of Operations Research, INFORMS Journal of Computing, Operations Research Letters, Annals of Operations Research, OMEGA, Journal of Operational Research Society, European Journal of Operational Research, Computers and Operations Research, and Production Planning and Control. Co-author of a textbook, he served as the North American Editor of the Journal of Flexible Systems Management and an editorial board member of various reputable journals. He is currently serving as an Associate Editor of Decision Sciences and International Journal of Planning and Scheduling. Editor of special issues and books, he received the Outstanding Research and Outstanding Faculty Awards from Ball State and the UAH Foundation Research Award. In Spring 2004, 2007, 2010, and 2013, he received College’s Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award at UAH. In 2011, he received the Outstanding Service Award from UAH and Outstanding Business Person award from Beta Alpha Psi Society. At Ball State, he received Dean's teaching awards. Dr. Gupta is a frequent distinguished visiting faculty member at various universities in several countries including Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. During the last two years, he visited China to teach research methodologies to several graduate students at China Southeastern, Renmin, and Tsinghua Universities. He also collaborated in research with the faculty and students from various countries including China to publish in high quality refereed journals. In doing so, several students from various

countries visited his campus in USA to work with him on joint research for which he was their supervisor in USA. He has served as a mentor to several students and research scholars from various countries. Externally, Dr. Gupta currently serves as the Vice-President for Global Activities for Decision Sciences Institute. He also served as the President of Huntsville Association of Technical Societies, Founding  President of the Indian Subcontinent DSI and Regional Vice President of DSI. He served as the Founding Chair of the Alabama Chapter of ASUG (America’s SAP Users Group), Vice-President of Decision Sciences Institute, and the Past President of Production and Operations Management Society. In 2011, he was also the President-Elect candidate for Decision Sciences Institute. His conference leadership activities include being the chair of the second World Congress on POM and Fifth and Eighth Global Conference on

Flexible Systems Management and a frequent keynote and invited speaker. His current research interests include Business Analytics, Corporate Governance, Enterprise Resources Planning (including SAP), Information Security, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Information and Decision Technologies, Scheduling, Planning and Control, Enterprise Integration and Social Aspects of Corporate Activities. Within these areas, he is interested in exploring the relationship between social responsibility, organization and social culture. He is particularly interested in widening the managerial and technical research to a societal level so as to help various societies to solve their problems. In doing so, he is interesting in mentoring and developing the research capabilities and skills of younger generation all over the world. He earned his PhD in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University, M Tech in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India and a B. E. (Mechanical) from Delhi University, Delhi, India.