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[06/25]Analysis of Correlated Functional Process Variables in Semiconductor Manufacturing

讲座题目Analysis of Correlated Functional Process Variables in Semiconductor Manufacturing

报告人Dr. Xi Zhang

时 间625日(周五)下午4:00
地 点:方正大厦608会议室
侍乐媛 教授


This research aims to investigate correlation mechanism among functional process variables (FPVs) for condition monitoring in chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) in semiconductor manufacturing. During wafer polishing, critical process variables such as coefficient of friction (COF) and pad temperature vary with time and present in the shape of functional curves. Our previous work has demonstrated that correlation patterns among these FPVs could be related to polishing conditions. Since correlation is affected by both amplitude fluctuations and phase variability in FPVs, further study of timing correlation of FPVs measured in different units could bring more insights into physical interactions and thereby enhance condition monitoring during semiconductor manufacturing processes. We intend to specifically reveal the timing correlation patterns in CMP. Using nonlinear dynamics, we first established a dynamic phase model to define the strength and patterns of FPV interaction. By monitoring the extracted patterns, we then developed a novel method of detecting CMP condition change and demonstrated the approach via a CMP experiment. The results showed that the proposed method has a promising application in identifying the process changes that may not be easily detected otherwise.


Dr. Xi Zhang received dual Bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2006, and received the Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from University of South Florida in 2009. He is currently working as a research assistant at the University of South Florida. His current research interests lie on statistical analysis of complex manufacturing systems with special focus on process monitoring and diagnosis in manufacturing processes. He is a member of IIE, INFORMS and ASA.